Bio-Sport Glutamine Powder

Bio-Sport Glutamine Powder

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Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (building block of protein) in the body. The body can make enough Glutamine for its regular needs, but when you exercise or your body experiences injury your body may need more glutamine than it can make. Bodybuilders and strength athletes can benefit from increased intake of Glutamine, since intense workout and training can reduce the amount of glutamine in their bodies. When bodybuilders train, Glutamine levels can drop dramatically. Muscle catabolism can occur when the body robs the muscles of Glutamine to use it in the immune system or nitrogen transport. Glutamine supplementation can help reduce the effects of muscle catabolism. BIOSPORT sources pharmaceutical Glutamine and manufactures it into micro particles. This allows the Glutamine to instantly absorb into your blood stream for immediate utilization! Glutamine plays a vital role in protein metabolism, cell volumizing, increased production and secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and anti-catabolism. Glutamine supplementation effectively reduces muscle tissue breakdown and improves protein metabolism

Protein synthesis, as any other amino acid
Reduces muscle tissue breakdown
Maintains cell volume and hydration
Good source of cellular energy (next to glucose)
Nontoxic transporter of ammonia in the blood circulation

How to use:
Take 2 teaspoons daily mixed with XTREME WHEY™ or your favorite beverage. For best results, take 1 teaspoon before and after strenuous activity.

*When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program.
 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.