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  1. How to Start Your Healthy Hair Journey?

    Often it is confusing to start a healthy hair journey for a majority of people. You need to know one thing for sure that getting healthy hair is a process, and it will take time to be successful. Though everyone's journey is different, here are some important things you need to consider before starting the process:

    Get a Consultation from a Hair Stylist/Dermatologist You Trust

    Before you try different hair care products, it would be great to get help from a trusted professional who will evaluate your hair and assess the scalp. The professional will also give you a list of recommendations so that you can start your journey well.

    Avoid Chemicals

    It is difficult to hear, but you should know that you cannot treat damaged hair with every hair care product. Chemi

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  2. Best Cruelty-Free Skin Care Products to Try Now

    The organic skincare industry has shown massive growth over time. With time, people have become aware of their surroundings, the products they use, etc. People want to know the composition of skin care products and the kind of ingredients used to make these products. People now prefer organic and cruelty-free skincare products, free from all sorts of antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), ionising, etc.

    Here is a concise list of some effective cruelty-free skincare products that you must try now:

    Derma-E Scar Gel

    This scar gel is one of the best cruelty-free skin care products UAE that is very much in demand. The gel is a blend of botanical extracts that helps to smoothen and soften the existing scars on the skin. It is ideal for the scars that

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