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  1. 5 Travel Essentials from Derma E!

    Flights, trains, and cars will take a toll on your skin, hair, hands, and even nails, drying them up and draining precious nutrients. Plus, travelling fatigue will make your eyes look sleepy and puffy. Are you searching for any of the best beauty brands for holiday travel? If so, consider Derma E. Below 5 products are essential when you travel as these will maintain your skin hydrated, moisturised, refreshed, and radiant during the summer or winter – plus 100% organic, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free, mineral-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free. 

    Derma E Travel Essentials

    Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream

    Regain natural shine of your skin with Derma E Sensitiv

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  2. The Benefits of Dietary Antioxidant Supplements

    The origins of antioxidants may be organic or artificial. Any plant-based food is believed to be high in antioxidants. Plant-based antioxidants are a semblance of phytonutrient or plant-based nutrients.

    Some antioxidants, identified as endogenous antioxidants, are also produced by the body. Antioxidants, apart from inside the body, are considered exogenous.

    Free radicals are waste compounds created by cells as the body absorbs food and responds to the atmosphere. If the body cannot absorb and eliminate free radicals effectively, in that case, oxidative stress can arise. Therefore, experts recommend using antioxidant supplements like Vital Health C-Tamin Plus 100's, Sano Vit Energy Vitamin C Lemon Flavour, Nature's Bounty Vitamin E-400 IU, etc., to improve the anti

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  3. A Guide to Healthy Snacks You Should Be Eating

    The wide range of diets provided these days, and the increasing prevalence of various food methods have created doubt about nutritious snacks and whether they are safe.

    It's all right to snack. It might be essential to eat snacks to maintain stable, blood sugar-controlled energy levels and metabolism at its peak. What we must be aware of is the kind of snack that we choose to eat. This guide to healthy snacks UAE can help you determine what snack to eat, how to arrange healthy snacks, and how to make sure you're not inclined by a corner store or a pastry case when you're hungry in the afternoon.

    Advantages of Healthy Snacks

    Healthy snacks can provide us with a range of health perks. Snacking, for example, can:

    • Lower the threat of heart disease.
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