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  1. Five Signs That You’ve Chosen the Right Multivitamin

    Many people consume multivitamin tablets in the hope of increasing immunity, enhancing health, upgrading skin and hair beauty, and reducing the risks of heart problems. However, only the aged people who follow a strict diet and those who have undergone bariatric surgery can benefit from it. In fact, as per the Physicians’ Health Study, these tablets do not even reduce the risk of strokes or heart attacks, as assumed by people.

    However, the intake of vitamin supplements has increased over the years. As per the research by Ajman University, more than 39% of people take dietary supplements in the UAE. Continue reading to learn more.

    Signs for Choosing the Correct Multivitamin

    Multivitamin tablets are readily available at any local store or online shop, but choosing the

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  2. 6 Benefits Of Using Effervescent Vs. Regular Tablets

    Oral medicines come in various forms, such as chewable tablets, solid pills to swallow, syrups, and effervescent tablets. Out of these, the most effective ones are effervescent tablets. According to Data Bridge Market Research, UAE, the effervescent tablet market is growing significantly in developing economies. It is forecasted to grow further during 2020-2027 due to increasing medical treatment, awareness about health, and other factors. Read further to know more!

    Effervescent Vs. Regular Tablets

    The effervescent granules are manufactured in dry conditions with 

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  3. Skin Care In The Aging Females: Myths And Truths

    We all are crazy about maintaining our skin and hair for retaining youthful beauty. But, unfortunately, to live up to it, we end up purchasing many skincare and hair care products primarily by blindly following the advertisements. But are you aware of the cloud of myths surrounding those advertisements that makes you fall prey to the products? Well, we are here to show you the popular myths and truths of specific skincare and hair care products. 

    According to a survey by Euromonitor International, consumers in the UAE spend $247 per capita on cosmetics and personal care, which is forecasted only to grow. With such a growing trend towards beauty products,

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