Oral medicines come in various forms, such as chewable tablets, solid pills to swallow, syrups, and effervescent tablets. Out of these, the most effective ones are effervescent tablets. According to Data Bridge Market Research, UAE, the effervescent tablet market is growing significantly in developing economies. It is forecasted to grow further during 2020-2027 due to increasing medical treatment, awareness about health, and other factors. Read further to know more!

Effervescent Vs. Regular Tablets

The effervescent granules are manufactured in dry conditions with 65°F–75°F, 10% relative humidity (RH) according to Altomare and others, as they are highly soluble in water. This high solubility is perhaps one of the best reasons for it to be increasingly consumed. The other reasons are given below:

Quick Action

The effervescent tablets are designed to facilitate them to dissolve immediately in water, releasing carbon dioxide that helps in the rapid disintegration of the medicine into a homogenous solution. But regular tablets take a longer time to dissolve in the stomach and dissolve in the bloodstream. 

Easy to Swallow

It becomes difficult for many, especially aged people, to swallow hard pills. The effervescence tablets can be consumed as a liquid solution, and their quick action also ensures instant relief. 

Keeps Hydrated

Unlike regular tablets, effervescent tablets require a glass full of water for them to become soluble. This is a good way of ensuring that one is kept hydrated by taking at least one full glass of water daily. 

Minimum Discomfort

The consumption of effervescent tablets does not cause digestive or esophageal discomfort or irritations. Sometimes there may be mild side effects, but consulting a doctor before having the tablets is a good option.

Tastes Good

Do you want to avoid the bitter taste of medicines yet gain the benefits? Then Sano Vit Vitamin C 10 Effervescent Tablets Orange Flavor is the solution for you! Unlike syrups or regular pills, these tablets usually come in an orange flavor, making them much easier and tastier to drink. 

Easily Availed Nutrition

Effervescent multivitamin tablets are the easiest way to get perfect skin and hair. All you need is an ample amount of water, a Sano Vit Vitamin C tablet(s), and you have a tasty, healthy drink ready!

Before You Go

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