Antioxidant compounds protect the enzymes, fats and vitamins in our body. Moreover, these substances help delay or prevent cognitive decline due to the existence of flavonoid and non-flavonoid components.

The following information is based on some scientific facts:

Best Supplements for Alzheimer's Prevention  

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  • Vitamin E is essential for our body to improve its immune functions and fight the free radicals with its antioxidant properties. It supports a healthy heart and eventually decreases cardiovascular problems, which reduces the chances of Alzheimer's disease. No doubt, what is good for the heart is good for the brain. Thus, Nature's Bounty Vitamin E-1000 IU Softgels are highly recommended to support your skin, immunity, circulatory and brain health. These are assured quality supplements with standardised soy ingredients.


  • Vitamin C plays a significant role in strengthening the immune system, neutralises the free radicals in our cells and counteracts oxidative stress's adverse effects. It will be best to try Nature's Bounty C-500 mg with Rose Hips Chewable Tablets to boost the patient's immune health as it contains vitamin C as an antioxidant that helps prevent Alzheimer's. One tablet daily with a meal will suffice for an adult.


  • To improve the heart, cardiovascular health and brain health, experts recommend Nature's Bounty Garlic Oil 1000 mg Softgels for the excellent benefits of garlic, promoting well-being due to the presence of antioxidant properties. Natural ingredients in garlic include S-Allyl-L-Cysteine, which reduces cardiovascular risks; hence, reducing the chances of Alzheimer's diseases. One soft gel four times daily with a meal is enough to improve circulatory functions.

Final Words

We can understand the significant importance of antioxidant cocktails in preventing Alzheimer's disease. Buy these best, high-quality antioxidant-rich products from to improve brain health.