Our body needs Vitamin-D regularly, but this recent COVID-19 pandemic has left us with no choice but to stay safe in our home boundaries. Vitamin D is essential for our body as it provides many benefits like absorbing calcium to make the bones and muscles in our body strong and healthy. It also serves the purpose of helping the immune system of our body, which is of utmost importance in this pandemic. The immune system needs Vitamin-D because many cells require it to fight the viruses and bacteria by making antimicrobial proteins.

It is an easy thing to get, as we only need to go in sunlight without any sunscreen to get some Vitamin-D. The sun’s UVB rays provide plenty of Vitamin-D required by our body. In summer, a few minutes in sunlight on most days of the week is all you need to get Vitamin-D, and in winter, this time increases to a few hours over the week. But since we are staying most of the time indoors now and UVB rays cannot get into the house through windows, we need different ways to get Vitamin-D.

Following are some tips you can follow if you are staying indoors and not getting enough Vitamin-D:

Eat Food, which is Rich in Vitamin-D

You should eat food with Vitamin-D in it to overcome any deficiency. You can eat tuna, eggs, oily fish, and mackerel, which are rich in Vitamin-D. Some products like dairy and plant milk are also rich in Vitamin-D, which you can get to help you get sufficient Vitamin-D while you are staying indoors.

Eat Your Mushrooms After Sun Soaking

Although the mushrooms are already rich in Vitamin-D, you can still increase it by putting them in the sunlight. You should put the mushroom's gills side up or sliced in the sunlight. The type of mushroom also plays a crucial role as a single Portobello mushroom will provide the same amount of Vitamin-D as from a five-button mushroom. Either of them are enough for your daily needs.

The above points will help you in maintaining sufficient Vitamin-D levels while staying safe indoors in this pandemic. You can also intake Vitamin D supplements by ordering through online.