Skin Care Products

Skin is a very important organ of our body. It acts as a barrier against infections. We are already aware of the extent of pollution in the environment these days. Contaminants prove to be very harsh on the skin, leaving it dull and dry. To slow down the wear and tear, a proper “skincare regime” is extremely necessary. Many natural products promote healthy and radiant skin. They help you look young and fresh without using any costly cosmetics.

Here is a list of skincare products every woman should have in her bag.


A good and gentle cleanser gives your skin a glowing and nourished look. While choosing a cleanser, always go for the one that contains natural ingredients. You can prefer the ones containing clay. The clay helps cleanse the dirt and toxins from the skin. Cleansers with Seaweeds as an ingredient, provide the essential skin minerals and amino acids.

While choosing liquid cleansers, you should be cautious about picking the ones that contain sulphates. Sometimes, sulphates cause an allergic reaction to the skin.


Moisturizers protect your skin from dryness. A good moisturizer hydrates the skin, giving it a soft and glowing look. An ideal moisturizer has antioxidants that regenerate your dry skin. Antioxidants include green tea extracts, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, grape extracts, etc. And of course, the good ones contain sunscreen with SPF 30+. Protecting your skin from the sun is very important.

Night cream:

Most of the repair work in the skin takes place at night. A good night cream restores the dead cells of your skin at night and gives you soft glowing skin in the morning. For those who have sensitive and acne-prone skin, a wisely picked up night cream can do wonders.

Skin oil:

Good skin oil is an irreplaceable part of the skincare regime. It contains natural oils like coconut, olive, argan, avocado, and grape seed oils. Thus, it would never clog your pores. These oils help to reduce inflammation on the skin as well.


Using a plant-based and natural face mask can be helpful for your skin. The ones with Aloe Vera, willow bark, clay, Vitamin C, and essential oils can give a soothing effect to your skin.

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