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  1. Five Signs That You’ve Chosen the Right Multivitamin

    Many people consume multivitamin tablets in the hope of increasing immunity, enhancing health, upgrading skin and hair beauty, and reducing the risks of heart problems. However, only the aged people who follow a strict diet and those who have undergone bariatric surgery can benefit from it. In fact, as per the Physicians’ Health Study, these tablets do not even reduce the risk of strokes or heart attacks, as assumed by people.

    However, the intake of vitamin supplements has increased over the years. As per the research by Ajman University, more than 39% of people take dietary supplements in the UAE. Continue reading to learn more.

    Signs for Choosing the Correct Multivitamin

    Multivitamin tablets are readily available at any local store or online shop, but choosing the

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  2. 6 Benefits Of Using Effervescent Vs. Regular Tablets

    Oral medicines come in various forms, such as chewable tablets, solid pills to swallow, syrups, and effervescent tablets. Out of these, the most effective ones are effervescent tablets. According to Data Bridge Market Research, UAE, the effervescent tablet market is growing significantly in developing economies. It is forecasted to grow further during 2020-2027 due to increasing medical treatment, awareness about health, and other factors. Read further to know more!

    Effervescent Vs. Regular Tablets

    The effervescent granules are manufactured in dry conditions with 

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  3. Skin Care In The Aging Females: Myths And Truths

    We all are crazy about maintaining our skin and hair for retaining youthful beauty. But, unfortunately, to live up to it, we end up purchasing many skincare and hair care products primarily by blindly following the advertisements. But are you aware of the cloud of myths surrounding those advertisements that makes you fall prey to the products? Well, we are here to show you the popular myths and truths of specific skincare and hair care products. 

    According to a survey by Euromonitor International, consumers in the UAE spend $247 per capita on cosmetics and personal care, which is forecasted only to grow. With such a growing trend towards beauty products,

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  4. The Best Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements in 2021

    The significance of apple cider vinegar has always been remarkable for centuries. It is extensively used as a home remedy due to its several benefits.

    Do you have a sore throat? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to improve your blood cholesterol level? Apple cider vinegar serves all these medical needs.

    The Need for Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements 

    Apple cider vinegar is extracted from fermented apple, which contains 5-6% acetic acid and other enzymes, proteins, and bacteria. It contributes to weight loss, heart health, boosting the digestive system and hair treatments for its probiotic components. 

    Based on several scientific studies, it is observed that the demand for apple cider vinegar supplements is at a peak due to the various advantages that acetic acid provides to our body:

    • Scientists have proclaimed that vinegar has
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  5. Antioxidant Cocktail Is the Key to Preventing Alzheimer's

    Antioxidant compounds protect the enzymes, fats and vitamins in our body. Moreover, these substances help delay or prevent cognitive decline due to the existence of flavonoid and non-flavonoid components.

    The following information is based on some scientific facts:

    • Dr. Gerald Veurink, while working at UWA's medical school, did research to determine which range of antioxidants is effective for protecting the neurons in the nervous system. He discovered that a high concentration of vitamin E and vitamin C helps in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease. Thus, supplementation of the antioxidant cocktail is very effective in preventing chronic diseases. 
    • A 2012 study of people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) who drank a cocoa drink called Cocoa Via resulted in
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  6. Is It OK to Take Different Supplements at the Same Time?

    Vitamins are widely used as dietary supplements to enhance immunity, wellbeing and fast recovery. When there is a vitamin deficiency in your body, you can feel the compulsive need to consume different vitamin supplements simultaneously. Generally, it does not interfere, but, at times, vitamins might interact and absorb within each other. Thus, multivitamins are the best supplements to distribute all the nutrients in the right proportion throughout your body.

    According to many scientific researchers, multivitamins are the most common type of dietary supplement as they improve health and prevents minor ailment:

    • Based on a large-scale national survey in the US, they observed the usage of multivitamin supplements spiked in 2000 from 23.2% to 33.9% across all individuals, races and ethnic g
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  7. The Best Haircare Products for Healthy Scalp & Thick Hair

    Short or long, curly or straight, black or blonde, every hairstyle needs apt care so that your luscious locks keep looking gorgeous. Every girl on this planet craves to have long, strong, and beautiful hair. But it takes a lot of effort, nurturing, and a bunch of premium hair care products. And most importantly, you will have to take some time out of your busy schedule and spend those hours nourishing your mane.

    Pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle, excessive intake of junk foods, heat treatment, and dyeing – lots of factors affect your hair quality. They can make your hair dull and brittle. If you are experiencing excessive hair fall lately and want some hair care products that can actually replenish your exhausted scalp, then going through this blog can be of great help. We have don

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  8. Natural Ethnic Skin Care: What Do You Need to Know?

    Skincare is an essential part of our lifestyle. When you take proper care of your skin, it radiates back all the love and pampering in the form of a loving glow. But relying on chemical-based skin care products can do more harm than good to your skin. People are becoming aware with time and switching to natural skincare products for good.

    Natural Skin Care: What Is It?

    Your skin needs proper cleansing, toning, and moisturising every day. Also, you need to exfoliate your skin from time to time. Hydrating and nourishing your skin with masks is also necessary. But when you infuse the goodness of nature in your skin with these amazing skin care products UAE, you are embracing the concept of natural skincare. Opting for products that are organic and made from natural ingredient

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  9. Healthy Supplements – How to Meet the Vitamin Deficiencies During Ramadan?

    The holy month of Ramadan is of extreme significance for Muslims all across the world. A time when they feel more connected with their religion and take time out to introspect, Ramadan time is for selfless service for society. Fasting is an integral part of Ramadan. For the entire month, a pious Muslim cannot eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset.

    While Ramadan emphasises religion and the act of selflessness, one must also pay attention to their physicality. Because of month-long fasting, naturally, your body gets deficient in vitamins and other nutrients. So, how can you meet the vitamin deficiencies all the while following your religious values? Delve deeper if you wish to know more!

    Tips to Make Your Ramadan Healthier with Essential Vitamins

    • Include iron-rich food in your suhour and iftar meals. Some of the food items rich in iron co
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  10. Can Vitamin C Brighten My Skin?

    Speaking of skincare, there is no better skincare product that nearly everybody utilizes than vitamin C. Derma E vitamin C skincare products have been considered among the best antioxidant additives and a source of the best vitamin C in UAE.

    Vitamin C Dubai skincare items have progressively found their way to online as well as offline stores, from decelerating the ageing process to brightening the skin like no one else. So, can Vitamin C brighten your skin? It's a yes!

    What Is Vitamin C, Exactly? 

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant with water-soluble properties and an important nutrient that preserves and enhances the protection of your skin by preventing free radical damage.

    Here's what you need to do with Derma E vitamin C products as your skin brightener:

    Step 1:

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