Privacy and Security Policy, a Dubai-based online seller of organic health, wellness and beauty products, use the website to reach interested buyers across the globe. The company absolutely understands and cares about the privacy and security of the visitors and customers who devote their time, interest and trust to this website. To summarize how the company does it, the following privacy and security policy has been put in place. By going through it, you:

        Acknowledge that you fully understand it

        Agree to the way we collect, use and protect your information

        Accept that the company has the rights to revise the policy at any point in time

Before going further, please take a glance at the meaning of various references made throughout the policy:

        ‘We’, ‘us’, our’: The company and its teams


        ‘You’, ‘your’, ‘yours’: The user(s), visitor(s) and customer(s) of the Website

Information We Seek from You


        Personal information like name, age, gender, address, email id, contact number, job/business-related information

        Website usage data like date and time of your visit(s), pages and sections of the Website you visit, duration of each visit, browser information, IP address of your computers as well as the information you use to login with us

        Information about your online activities on social media platforms and other third-party sites can directly or indirectly help us to improve our reach to you


        While creating a user/customer account on the Website

        When participating in surveys directly on the Website or on third-party websites

        When visiting us during events, exhibitions, etc.

        When subscribing to our email and newsletter lists

        While filling in the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website

        While contacting us on phone or email for queries

        While making a purchase on the Website

        When interacting with us to share your feedback through reviews, comments, etc.

        Through cookies, protocols and other approved and legal electronic tracking modes


        For the improvement of the Website and its content in order to serve you better

        For adding value to our customer research on the basis of their interests, demographics, needs, etc.

        For the purpose of creating productive marketing campaigns and product promotions

        For providing you information about new product launches, discount offers and special deals in real-time

        For lending full support to you, not only when you are active on the Website, but also when you interact with us via mediums  of customer support and social media

        For making online shopping a convenient, fast and smooth experience through seamless transaction completion and order processing

        For better collaboration with third parties and other partners with the ultimate aim to serve you better

        For detection and better diagnosis of security issues, concerns and problems so that you enjoy every online shopping experience with us

Storage/Retention/Sharing/Disclosure of Information

We take all important measures to store your information securely and without any risks of unauthorized access.

We retain your information only for the necessary time lengths during which it meets all the purposes stated above.   

We share only a part of your information with third-party service providers, vendors, partners, etc. with the sole purpose of making the Website and its offerings better for you. We don’t indulge in signing any contracts that enforce us to share your vital information with any individual/company/platform.

In order to comply with the law enforcement bodies, we do need to disclose your information as per the requirement. It is mandatory to do so to cooperate with any kind of legal actions or investigations.

Right to Erasure

As per GDPR, our company follows data erasure rules. At the end of the services, your data is erased. Further, you have the sole right to ask our company to erase any of your personal data on demand.

You are at free will to opt out of any marketing calls or emails that you have agreed to receive earlier. You can use your right to restrict our company from seeking your data or contacting you for the purpose of marketing.

You can write to us at, if you wish to opt out from being contacted for marketing calls or emails or if you want us to remove any of your stored personal data.

Security Policy

We are committed to keeping your information private as well as secure through appropriate security measures against information losses, thefts and misuse. For this, we meet the prescribed security parameters at the physical, organizational and digital levels.

We Respect Your Rights

We encourage your participation in information privacy and security by:

        Contacting us anytime for correction or updating of information

        Objecting to any activity that you find suspicious

        Opt out of email and newsletter lists

        Bringing to our notice any loophole in the Website’s security measures


We don’t store any financial information like credit card details with us. The information is used by the payment processing parties and gateways.

We are not responsible for the content, products or services the Website may have external links to. We advise referring to their privacy policies before indulging in any action

We have no intentions to collect information from minors. As a parent/guardian to anyone under 18 years who uses the Website, you are requested to supervise his or her activities.

Contact us for any queries or doubts related to our Privacy and Security Policy.